The Key to Freedom & Escaping Your Job

by Jodi Hudak

Whether your corporate job has stricken you with hard knocks, consumes your life, or causes you stress from lack of security or finances, or you simply want a way to earn a limitless income, you can break free from corporate confinement. Awaken your dreams and live the dream life you deserve. The more people choose a non-corporate path, the sooner the corporate world will have to clean up its mess and give power back to the people. Revealing the Truth Behind Corporate Prison Walls: The Key to Freedom &Escaping Your Job will help you:
? Learn how prison walls are established within corporate societies, where dreams are destroyed
? Recognize how the seven deadly sins cultivate within corporations
? Learn how to break free from corporate confinement
? Understand what is needed to clean-up corporate disaster in order to give power back to the people, where it belongs

ISBN 9781935586562
156 pages

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