by Buddy Cox

A group of commercial divers, led by Stretch Barnett, work on oilrigs off the Louisiana coast. Wes confided to Stretch plans for his own dive trip to salvage valuable, heavy metals from shipwrecks. After the plan leaked out on board, strange natural and villainous calamities started happening. Wes had been communicating with a Japanese company. He learns that they have questionable Mafia ties, to fund their job. After reconsidering working with them, Stretch, Wes and Stretch?s lady friend, Laura, race against time to beat their rivals to the loot, while trying to stay out of a Mexican jail, or worse yet, winding up fish food on the ocean floor.

Author, Buddy Cox, spent ten years of his life working at one of the world?s most dangerous occupations, deep sea diving off oil rigs on the Louisiana coast. An ex-Marine and war veteran, Buddy?s true life adventures have taken him across the world, deep sea diving, mountain climbing, flying and parachuting.

Buddy uses his own experiences to weave a saga of exhilarating underwater exploits, of romance and of hoped-for booty, reportedly waiting to be found, deep in the Gulf of Mexico off the Yucatan coast.

401 pages

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