Awakening & Mastering The Medicine Within - DVD

by Roger Jahnke

Dr. Roger Jahnke's video Qigong-Chi Kung: Awakening and Mastering the Medicine Within set the standard for instruction in the self-healing arts of China, over the past decade.

Over 20,000 users have benefited from the simple yet profound methods in this program and many more have been inspired at his workshops and lectures. It includes beautiful film footage from China and easy instruction for six different kinds of Qigong all chosen because they are simple to learn and effective.

* Vitality Enhancement Medical Qigong - Fu Zheng Qigong
* Tendon-Changing (Connective Tissue Rehabilitation) Qigong - Yi Jin Jing
* Marrow Bathing (The Daoist - Taoist Medicine Wheel) - Xi Sui Jing
* Spontaneous Qigong - Zi Ran Qigong
* Seven Precious Gestures - Qi Zhen Qigong
* Qigong Verses - Two Qigong Poems with associated movement
This completely new, digitally re-mastered DVD version is now menu driven with easier access to your favorite or most utilized sections.

60 minutes pages

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