by Terri Hardin

It is finally here, the Pumpkin Sculpting DVD. Now you can have Terri right in your home, so you can start or continue to brush up on your Pumpkin sculpting technique. In the DVD Terri shows you step by step how to create a face on your pumpkin that will stop folks in their tracks. Also, she shows you how sculpt an image on your pumpkin.

You can also see the work of her students and experience a class. If you have always wondered how these beautiful pumpkins are created, come join Terri and do it yourself.

Everyone is an artist! If you're the type of person who believes you don't have an artistic bone in your body, you need to buy this DVD. Even if you're not sure of your pumpkin design, just wait until you place a light inside it. You?ll love what you've done. I?ll show you, step by step, how to create fantastic and dimensional sculpted pumpkins.

Be careful! Sculpting pumpkins may release the secret artist in you. Some of my students have gone on to write books, carve egg shells, sculpt wood, and create jewelry. Many have become well known pumpkin sculptors in their neighborhoods. Others come back just for the fun of it.

ISBN 9780978881801

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