by Susan Johnston & Kimberly Webb
Illustrations by Maria Tonelli

An innovative Modern Day Fairy Tale in hopes of inspiring women to follow their dreams. In the midst of the barrage of advice women receive about where and how to build their self esteem, this children?s book encourages girls that it starts with believing in yourself. The star of this story is Princess Bubble, who is confused because all of the fairy tales she has ever read, tell her she must find her "prince" in order to live happily ever after. In the midst of her entertaining search, Princess Bubble discovers that happiness is found beyond the prince and is attainable for everyone. It?s about learning to love yourself, being kind and giving of yourself to others, and looking forward to the many adventures that lie ahead!
[ For Bubble, who is also a flight attendant for the Royal Heir Line, her future will be full of journeys to distant lands and her passions will lead her to experience new cultures. This is the beginning of a series of children?s books to teach your kids to hold onto their dreams and to learn how being different can enrich your life.]

ISBN 9780965091008
35 pages

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