by Keith White

Fasten your seatbelt, because from the moment the story takes off, it?s a thrill-a-minute ride through the Amazon wilderness, a World War II adventure, and a quick trip to the future . . . well, for us, the present. Love the characters or love to hate them, cheer the good guys, boo the bad. And limber up your fingers or you won?t be able to turn the pages fast enough to keep up. Jack Sullivan, all-around good guy, is tossed out of the Army Air Corps boot camp because of a long-past episode with asthma. He thought things couldn?t get much worse, then he?s forced to flee the country when he?s framed for the murder of an ex-girlfriend?s husband because the conniving cutie and Jack are caught together, sort of, well, naked.

ISBN 9780972022729
444 pages

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