300 Individual Herbs

by Zong Lan Xu

Great Companion for Your Herb Study and Practice/Get Basic Understanding about Chinese Herbs That are Prescribed by Your Health Care Provider

“Fit right into your purse or pocket of your lab coat, you can carry it wherever you go. It’s so…convenient.”

This unique compact pocket handbook (4.5” X 6” in size) is compiled by Dr. ZongLan Xu, an educator and practitioner since 1982. It is easy to understand, user friendly, and labeled as “one of the fastest and concise guides for practitioners, students, and teachers of Traditional Chinese Medicine for quick reference access”, as well as for anyone who wants to get a basic understanding of the Chinese herbs that are prescribed by their health care providers.
The PHCHM contains 300 commonly used individual Chinese herbs which are listed alphabetically by Chinese Pinyin name plus listing by functional categories and Alphabetical list by common English name. The key information includes: pertaining categories, parts used, properties (nature and flavor), entering channels, functions, indications, recommended dosage, cautions, and special comments/preparation instruction.

Peer Testimonials:
“Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Medicine & Pocket Handbook of Chinese Herbal Prescriptions are the perfect additions to my library! They are so convenient. They are easy to locate herbs and formulas for specific conditions, and give me all the information I need. I love them!” ---- Margaret J. Sims, A.P.

“This set of books is a ‘must have’ for any practitioner or student of Chinese Medicine. All of the essential information has been compiled into two very handy and convenient pocket handbooks for quick reference in the clinic. Now I have them. I don’t know how I did without them.” ---- Karen L. Gordon A.P., P.T.

ISBN 9780967993522
320 pages

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