The Shift to Love

by Mary-Ellen Kelly, N.D.

What would you do if, one day, a friendly being from another planet walked into your life and told you there were just 7 days to save the Earth? That's exactly what happened to 11-year-old Enny and her best friend Tomee. With the light on Earth growing dim and no one seeming to notice, Enny, Tomee and their new friend embark on a summer-break journey no one will ever forget. Can they get to the heart of the matter in time? What will you do once you know what Enny and Tomee know?

If you have ever wanted to change the world, this book is for you.
The narrative is a metaphor for healing as it explores environmental and social lessons through the power of story. Encoded within the book is a 7-step process to shift to the heart. Children and adults alike will enjoy exploring this timeless message found in the exciting adventure that is Planet Heart.

ISBN 9780987891105
92 pages

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