A Ben Candidi Mystery

by Dirk Wyle

PHARMACOLOGY IS MURDER is Rainbow's first mystery fiction book; and we're so impressed with Dirk Wyle's work that we'll be publishing the sequel, BIOTECHNOLOGY IS MURDER, in 1999. While the science in PHARMACOLOGY IS MURDER is impressive and fascinating Wyle has the ability to allow the novice to understand and follow along this is an impressive book on several levels. Wyle's ability to build characters, atmosphere, and empathy is truly impressive. Most mystery novels are too often lacking in these qualities. But not PHARMACOLOGY IS MURDER. This is more than an innovative murder. It is about people in a special time and place who come alive before your very eyes. Wyle knows how to begin, sustain, and end a novel. He gets off to a swift start with all the elements required to hook a reader; and the conclusion is a killer, though the killer has already been caught. In fact, the closing is so effective and real, it brings tears to the reader's eyes, and all as the result of what has transpired in this almost flawless drama. PHARMACOLOGY IS MURDER carries with it the beauty of a well-written novel. Cheers to Dirk Wyle, and best regards to his main character and sleuth, Ben Candidi, one of the most engaging and attractive sleuths I've met in a very long time as a dedicated devotee of mystery fiction." -- Betty Wright, Publisher, Rainbow Books, Inc.

ISBN 9781568250380
385 pages

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