150 Key Ideas for Raising Successful, Well-Adjusted And Confident Kids

by Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson

Parenting: A Field Guide uses parents? own values and experiences to develop an understanding of what their children need right now. Readers are provided with immediate action steps for a broad array of challenges but also absorb Dr. Anderson?s long-term strategy of developing children?s abilities and personalities in small ways every day. In 21 topics ranging from friendship issues to sleep issues to bad habits to getting along in school, this book combines research-based information with down-to-earth wisdom. Short, one-page entries and accompanying exercises make this book quick to access and thought-provoking. Billed as useful to parents of toddlers to teens, Parenting: A Field Guide is sure to be a favorite resource for years to come. Author Patricia Nan Anderson is an educational psychologist and expert in human development who says, ?Every good thing that happens between us happens first at home.? Good things happen between parents and children with the help of this book.

ISBN 9781890427559
329 pages

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