Tools for cultivating resilience, taking action, and practicing hope in the face of climate change

by Penelope Love

What’s it like to wake up to the reality of climate change—while also trying to raise small children? As parents, how do we act on our values when we’re already exhausted from the day-to-day challenges of parenting?

After an unconventional journey to motherhood in 2016, Elizabeth Bechard found herself struggling with climate anxiety and grief. As a coach, she had also noticed a troubling trend of rising climate dread in her clients, all of whom were struggling with various forms of infertility and pregnancy loss.

'Parenting in a Changing Climate' blends intimate memoir with Bechard’s experience as a coach and researcher, drawing on science from the study of climate psychology, science communication, health disparities, resilience, and behavior change. This book offers practical tools, resources, and inspiration for parents who are worried about the planet future generations will inherit and who want to find ways to cultivate resilience and take action on behalf of the children they love.

ISBN 9781947708570
290 pages

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