How to raise happy, healthy children with advice from a mom and nurse practitioner

by Mary B. Segar

Being a parent is a tough job.

As a parent you may wonder, Did someone forget to give me the owner's manual, rules and regulations, policies and procedures for raising a child? Mary Segar wondered - especially when she was a young woman.

Years later, as the reality of being a grandmother sank in, Dr. Segar knew she needed to write this manual. She felt it was time to share the wisdom of her experiences as a mother and a nurse practitioner of almost twenty years.

This book directs parents on the basics of child rearing from infancy to adulthood. These tips work and they will make you life less stressful. Succinct and easy-to-read, The Parent Guidebook includes practical information on:
- Pregnancy
- Healthy Eating Tips
- Postpartum Depression
- Diseases Related to Diet
- The Truth About Certain Foods
- Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks
- Supplements for Pregnancy, Adults, Children and Infants

ISBN 9780979046131
168 pages

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