by Adrian H. Krieg

We live in what will shortly become turbulent times. America is saddled with an administration opposed by the majority of its citizens. Almost 80% of Americans no longer trust their government-a far cry from a short 50 years ago. Congress has an approval rating in the high teens, and the president's cash of chips is rapidly dissipating. Oz in the New Millennium details exactly what is happening to our country, and what might, short of revolution, be done to fix it. Oz is about change-no, not the change promised. It is about hope-no, not the false hope of a socialist America.
America must return to its roots as a Constitutional Republic; we must, as citizens, see to the election of patriots rooted in republican constitutional philosophy. In simple terms, we must oust the socialist progressives, whatever party they belong to. We no longer live in a Constitutional Republic, but in an expanding Empire. Our leaders no longer care about our founding documents, or as George W. Bush said of the Constitution: "it's just a g**d*** piece of paper."
If you are an American and want to see this nation be as great as it was before the progressives fouled it up, this is the book for you!

ISBN 9780982496329
220 pages

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