Empowering Strategies for Patients and Families

by Judith Anne Desjardins, LCSW, BCD, MSWAC

"Winner of 16 prestigious Book Awards in the United States and Canada"

"Your spirit is your most important personal weapon in the battle with cancer!"

Writing from the unique perspective of an oncology social worker, a holistic psychotherapist, and the wife of a patient with high-risk prostate cancer Judith Desjardins shares the intimate details of their journey and the empowering strategies she devised to turn a pessimistic prognosis into improbable, positive, and hopeful results.

This book is a firsthand picture of the emotional and psychological toll that prostate cancer takes on patients and their loved ones, and shows how it affects them on the inside-the mind, emotions, and spirit.

It is her firm belief that understanding and treating these dimensions of the disease as well as the body, in a holistic approach, can lead to a better prognosis for the prostate cancer patient-and that it can also prevent family caretakers from developing their own medical problems due to stress.

ISBN 9780990499404
304 pages

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