Book 3 of the Hook & Jill Saga

by Andrea Jones

Hook and Jill indulge in shore leave on the welcoming sands of the Neverland. But when Jill is caught between husband and paramour, her idyllic days turn into nightmare. Even in this generous land, Captain Hook is a dangerous man. The lonesome Captain Cecco rescues Raven, an Indian widow who diverts him from his obsession for Jill. But Hook, too, finds Raven tempting. As his need for her heightens, so does the rivalry of Jillís tempestuous men.

Jillís own charms turn against her when a clever hunter from the Indian tribe stalks her heart. As tribal taboo is violated, the balance of the Neverland shifts like an overturned hourglass. Left on her own in an amorous trap, Jill must conjure her most potent magic. The enchanted isle can be open-handed with hospitality, and with treachery, too. In order to thriveó or surviveó Hook and Jill, like their allies and adversaries, may be forced to give as liberally as their Island. Jillís kiss may bring bliss or a curse, yet one thing is certain. Whatever else might be lost, Captain Hook never loses command.

Andrea Jones leaves readers rethinking the rules. Editor of a classics restoration program, Jones published J.M. Barrieís Peter and Wendy: The Restored Text (Reginetta Press). Her short stories appear in various anthologies. Jones studied literature at the University of Illinois, and worked at CBS, PBS, and corporate TV studios. Visit www.HookandJill.com and www.Facebook.com/HookJill

ISBN 9780982371411
576 pages

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