My Secret Life Among Psychic Spies

by Philip Chabot with Laurie Anne Blanchard

In Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life among Psychic Spies Philip Chabot reveals for the first time the powerful story of his growing psychic ability and the government?s growing interest in him. Mr. Chabot details a type of psychic ability he calls ?spoken telepathy? and tells how it came to steal away a summer of his young life.

After forty years of keeping his and the government?s secret he now tells what lead to that hot summer afternoon in Lebanon, Missouri. He reveals how his psychic abilities had grown to such a state that he was actually interrupting intelligence efforts around the world.

This gripping story follows the path that lead a teenager from a small town in Indiana to become the focus of world wide covert attention. Chabot confronted the agencies and in doing so, neutralized the Cold War threat they posed to his future.

We learn in detail how his ability lead him to make the first phone call to the Peoples Republic of China from the United States in more than two years. We also see how his psychic ability dove tails too neatly with the elaborate spoken telepathic procedures and testing that was then in use by the intelligence communities around the world.

ISBN 9780981602400
304 pages

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