by Megan Kathleen Monroe

“Notes in Wuhan” is written by an American Megan Kathleen Monroe who has gone through 76 days lockdown of the city during her visitation in Wuhan from December 2019. Think the community situation during the lockdown felt like a mystery, her “Notes in Wuhan” could be a legendary writing about the outbreak of virus.

Megan Said:

In the months of lockdown that the citizens of Wuhan and I have experienced together, there was a shortage of supplies and there was no public transportation available. I had never gone through anything like it, but it felt like I was in World War II. In the face of the raging virus, the community was fully isolated and self-managed, and we dropped from a
three-dimensional world to what felt like a two-dimensional chessboard. After the city's ban was lifted, only residents with a “green code” and normal body temperature would be allowed to stroll along the streets and take public transportation. I don't know how the citizens of the “yellow code” and “red code” got through with their time, but looking out, the whole world has under gone incredible changes.

Megan Kathleen Monroe

ISBN 9789881432094
159 pages

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