Unfiltererd, Uncensored and Unhinged!

by Billy Allmon

Keeping Their Country Safe. Their Buddies, Whom They Would Die For... Not So Much.

Navy SEALs have only two things to watch out for: the bad guys...and their fellow SEALs. Amid the unthinkable pressures these brave men face on their freedom-protecting missions are periods of training and downtime?which leaves all-too-many opportunities for them to figure out practical jokes on their friends and payback on pretty much anyone who has the bad judgment to cross them.

Navy SEALs and Their Unabashed Humor lays bare the mischief real SEALs have gotten into. Thanks to these stories we know:

?To be wary of Aussie commandoes and their cloudy ice cubes

?Why Navy SEALs might go bald

?If you?re a SEAL, you?re not even safe on the crapper

?Not to trust your SEAL buddies to plan your bachelor party

?It?s not smart to play jokes on SEAL wives

Author Billy Allmon, a combat veteran of three wars, has to rank right up there among the best of practical jokers. And he has the stories?and the scars?to prove it.


There have been many books written about the U.S. Navy SEALs. However, in this book I want to concentrate on the humorous side of the Navy SEALs. I feel that there are enough books and movies out there about the blood, guts, and gore of combat. Besides, just about every Navy SEAL (and non-SEALs) would much rather laugh than read about, or hear about, catastrophically harmful events.

ISBN 9780978738907
238 pages

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