a magical mystery tour

by Dennis Ralph Archambault, PhD

What myths you are living? What compels you to act and believe the way you do? MythColoringBook vibrantly reveals your life?s mythic symbols and images. How does the Butterfly myth reflect your liberation from a cocoon of self-imposed limitation and doubt? What is birthing in you at this very moment symbolized by the Cosmic Egg myth? Inside the hidden flames of your life passion, what is ablaze in your Fire myth? What golden beauty of soul blossoms in your Flower myth? Are you sharing your life?s sweet wisdom symbolized by the Honeybee myth? How does the Labyrinth myth guide you to the essence of your Being? What soul exuberance dances on the majesty of your Mountain myth? These and many other mythic images and symbols enchant you as you COLOR YOURSELF MYTHIC!

Dr. Archambault?s passions, besides romantic love with a soulmate, are dreams and mythology. These are often mirror images of the other. Recording over 20,000 of his own dreams in 41 years, and with a doctorate in Mythology, he continues to find a treasury of his own personal mythology by working with both. He advocates this practice for those who want a profound understanding of their own psychic natures.

ISBN 9780972975223
100 pages

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