by Michael McGrew

Bobbi Williams dreamed his way to the top not taking ?No?, for an answer. From street hustler to a successful conman, he finds himself lost and confused when his best friend/sister is murdered in cold blood. After doing a six-year bid for a string of robberies, and now friends with his late sisters? boyfriend James, they plan their way to the top together. when Bobbi is released from Atlanta State Penitentiary with a lot to prove and a legal hustling gameplan, his life begins to take a successful turn for the worst starting with a secret affair involving James? fiancÚ, Jennifer?. recognizing that she is his kinda girl. Bobbi has it all; the money, fame, a fantasy and a family until his past and a little karma catches up to him. MY KINDA GIRL is a tale that travels deep in the mind of a man with secrets that manifests into problems, too hard to live with, and death is the only way out!

ISBN 9781930211919
180 pages

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