A Daniel "Hawk" Fishinghawk Mystery

by Gary D. Conrad

Daniel ?Hawk? Fishinghawk is the best of the best ? a detective?s detective. Raised by his Cherokee grandfather to be sensitive to the subtle signs of nature, no clue goes by unnoticed, and each and every case he is faced with is quickly solved. When Hawk is recruited by the State Department to assist with a series of gruesome murders on Easter Island, even his brilliant mind could never have predicted the power of the evil he would soon have to face. Every second moved him closer and closer to the hideous presence, and he knew ? without a doubt ? there would be no escape.

Prepublication Praise for Murder on Easter Island?

?This engaging novel held my complete attention from start to finish. Daniel Fishinghawk is a terrific detective?rich, complex and real. I particularly enjoyed the historical information woven into the mystery and the exotic location. Highly recommended.?

?William Bernhardt, author of Primary Justice

?In Murder on Easter Island, Gary Conrad creates a mystery of the rarest order when Detective Daniel ?Hawk? Fishinghawk is sent to Easter Island to investigate a series of cannibalistic killings. Conrad?s writing is never more powerful or his imagination more sweeping than when he delves into the dark mysteries of the universe in this way, and it is the readers? delight to be invited along for the journey.?

?Sheldon Russell, author of The Hanging of Samuel Ash

?In Murder on Easter Island, Gary Conrad blends suspense, a love story, history and a keen understanding of the human soul in a masterfully told story that grabbed me from page one.?

?Joan Korenblit, Executive Director, Respect Diversity Foundation

?This Who-Done-It takes some unusual, daring and even glorious twists across time, cultures and ethnicities. Conrad?s story evokes feeling as well as inspiring you to figure it out.?

?Ken Hada, author of Spare Parts and Margaritas and Redfish

?Gary Conrad has done it again. Much like The Lhasa Trilogy, he takes us on another quirky adventure through a wonderfully exotic landscape. Murder on Easter Island is a gruesomely delightful journey through the culture and history of Easter Island. His research, visits and descriptions of the scenes in his book are like a travelogue to a time and a place to which few of us ever get access. Well worth the read!?

?D. Franklin Schultz, author of A Language of the Heart

?Of the numerous novels set on Easter Island, Gary D. Conrad?s book is the first to effectively weave both history and fact into fiction. A highly engaging murder mystery that aims to educate.?

? Associate Professor Ian Conrich, University of South Australia, curator of the exhibition, ?Easter Island, Myths and Popular Culture?

?This book is an engrossing combination of the history of Easter Island/Rapa Nui and a contemporary murder mystery. The author?s use of an engaging literary device . . . allows the reader to enter the world of ancient Rapa Nui and explore this society?s culture, myths and spirituality. As such it works well as both an introduction to the world of the Rapanui, both past and present, and yet is also a gripping page-turner as we follow ?Hawk? in his pursuit of a gruesome and prolific serial killer.?

?Roy Smith, Ph.D., Programme Leader, MA in International Development, Nottingham Trent University, UK

ISBN 9781568251790
209 pages

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