City of Secrets

by Khalil Murray

Mr and Mrs Gunplay is fascinating and compelling peek into the lives of Splash and Tia, who are a young., married couple that earn their living by completing high-stake, contract killings. The bond shared between this husband and wife is out of this world, never boring, and contains the type of qualities that gives a whole new meaning to the word "love". With seven years behind them and thirty-eight murders under their belts, Splash and Tia have gotten comfortable, and now believe that they're not only unstoppable, but also untouchable. However, this arrogance of theirs quickly vanishes, because as the hot summer of 2010 begins to unravel in the city of Philly, the two of them both find themselves experiencing the worst that bad karma has to offer, which leaves them feeling like butterflies in a tornado.

ISBN 9781450776110
285 pages

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