Supporting Moms to Make a Difference in their Children's Lives

by Kim D. Johnson

No One's Heart Bleed More than a Mom's Over a Child's Pain.

We've all heard stories of molested children, but how many of us have given thought to the pain experienced by mothers who know their children have been molested, or the guilt they endure in feeling they have failed to protect their children?

In this book you will learn ways mothers often fail to cope effectively with their children's sexual abuse by being:
- The Protective Mother
- The Un-Protective Mother
- The Over-Protective Mother
- The Co-Perpetrator Mother

And how instead to model yourself:
- The Educated Mother
- The Resourceful Mother
- The Spiritual Mother

You will also learn about the (false) beliefs surrounding sexual child abuse, including that a mother should have known about the abuse, an how, instead of pointing fingers or feeling blame over the situation, you can take action as a mother to protect your child, or to support a mother of a molestation survivor, to bring healing for the child and mother both.

ISBN 9781935586364
160 pages

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