The Truth About Gambling and How It Destroys Lives

by Arnie Wexler & Marc Isenberg

With powerful messages from high school and college gamblers and Jimmy Vaccaro, pro gambler and former head of the sportsbook at the Mirage Hotel & Casino

Gambling is a huge problem in our society, especially on high school and college campuses. Unfortunately, few are paying attention to this growing epidemic. The depiction of gambling as fun entertainment by its promoters, including our government, and by the media doesn't help.

This booklet shows why gambling is a loser's game. Read it and inoculate yourself against the epidemic of gambling that is sweeping across high schools and college campuses. "Everyone bets"? Not if you don't.

Arnie Wexler is a recovering compulsive gambler. He is one of the world's foremost experts on gambling and has helped thousands of people stop betting. Arnie has appeared on Oprah, Nightline, and 48 Hours, and has been quoted in hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

Marc Isenberg and Rick Rhoads are the founders of, a web site dedicated to educating and advising the sports community. They are the authors of "The Student-Athlete Survival Guide."

24 pages

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