by D.H. Whyatt
Illustrations by Corey Wolfe and Carlos Valenti

Miranda’s Green Hair is the delightful children’s book about a precocious 5 – year- old child who hates to have her green hair washed and combed. The main character, Miranda, as a way to avoid the hated activity, runs away to the forest. After feeling the delight of having escaped the day’s hair washing and combing, it soon dawns on her that running away may not have been the best choice. Join in her adventure in the woods as the trees, animals and other elements there in, are made aware of her hairy little problem. Be enthralled as they all work together to come up with a plan to help Miranda and assist her in getting home safe and sound.

This delightful book is 72 pages of delightful rhymes that tell the story of this child as she works through this task with the assistance of her new friends in the forest. The book is written for the 4–8-year-oldage group and will be a wonderful addition to the beginning library of any young child.

ISBN 9781735854700
72 pages

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