The Art and Science of Building Business Relationships and Mastering Referrals

by Cami Baker

Cami Baker is the genius mind we have all been waiting for. Full of energy, realness, and a relatable aura, Cami Baker squashes what we thought we knew about networking. Just like she states in this book, "The more I know, the more I know I don't know, and the more I know I need to know." For years, networking has haunted the likes of many. The dreaded handshakes, fake smiles, all about me attitudes, and energy nowhere to be found. Stuffy business men and women wrapped neatly in their business suits, pretending as though they have it all together. All the while, everyone is wishing they were somewhere else, and are racking their brain to make sense of it all. Hey, I understand, I too, have been there. Well, not anymore! Cami Baker marches to the beat of her own drum. For some, that may be scary, but for people like me, she is what I have been waiting for. Someone with a vision and a passion to solve a problem, that is in desperate need of being solved. Cami Baker has taken what we have originally been taught and flipped it on its backside. Transforming the dreaded networking to NetPLAYING. That's right my friend, Cami Baker has not only trademarked the term NetPLAY, but she teaches us how to rid ourselves of the life sucking networking tactics. Cami Baker brings innovative enthusiastic techniques that are sure to gear you straight to elevated success. Forget the thirty second elevator speech, the stack of business cards, and your tight gripped handshake; because it has been proven, time and again, not to work. This book is not your typical book that you read and walk away from. I encourage you to read, and then take action. What Cami Baker teaches is creating success for people like you and me, from all around the world.

ISBN 9780692839102
189 pages

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