A Life Lesson to Give

by Lisa M. Umina
Illustrations by Chad Thompson

Popular and dynamic children s book author, Lisa Umina, has created another gem with the newest book in her Milo series. Milo and the Green Wagon, a Life Lesson to Give is an endearing tale based on a true story drawn from the writer s childhood. Similar to an experience Lisa shared as a youngster with her brother David, Milo and his friends find an old, discarded green wagon and decide to fix it up and use it to collect food and clothing for those who need them. Lisa s heartwarming story teaches children about generosity, selflessness and, most importantly, about love and respect for all people, no matter what their stature in life. As you read through Milo s journey with your child, he or she will learn what it means to donate and will realize the good that comes from a mission such as Milo s, a mission he calls: ACT Action Changes Things. Umina s clever words and expressions will entice you right up until the very end when Milo and his friends compassion is rewarded with a surprise visitor at Sunday service; a visitor that makes all of their acts of kindness well worth the effort.

ISBN 9780979742941
32 pages

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