by Olean Hardaway

In this young adult fiction book, the main character, Millie, explains the deep secrets of life from the eyes and wisdom of a child as she grows up in the world around her.

“Millie is a Black 12-year-old girl from Gary, Indiana. She has two sisters and a brother, and they all live with their mother; their father has died. Millie doesn’t have much, but she maintains gratitude for what little she has. She has one friend, Rosa, who moved away recently. Though she misses Rosa, she doesn’t let that get her down and eventually desires to make new friends. While knowing that her dreams may not come true, Millie still dares to aspire to achieve great things and hopes that she can influence other children to dream big as well. She is hopeful for a time when all children are able to live in luxury, excess even—and she hopes that children will have the drive and opportunities to grow up and achieve. Via her diary entries, readers get insights into Millie’s thoughts about herself, her experiences and life circumstances, her family, and society.”—Kirkus Reviews

ISBN 9781737224426
114 pages

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