by A J Bialo

Memoires From Lawrence is a collection of short stories and epic poems from author A J Bialo. All roads lead to Syracuse in the historically based short stories of Harry the Hobo, Independence Day, The Book of Ruth, and Percy's Thunder.

Two epic poems are also included in this work that address the social issues of both being gay in a straight society and being adopted in a system of closed adoptions. Of these two epic poems included in Memoires From Lawrence, one entitled Uncommon Bond, is a previously published poem which appeared in the September 2000 issue of Little Brown Uncommon Bond received quite a bit of feedback from readers who related to the story of one person's personal journey of being adopted. The second, entitled On Being Gay is a commentary on the Gay Communities struggle to find equality under the law, especially with the recent passage of Proposition Eight in California and what it means for the Gay Community in the future as the fight continues.

Memoires From Lawrence is the first in a series of short story and epic poem collections which will be released through Bialo Publications, Inc. Due to be released in June 2009, Memoires From Lawrence has something for everyone who enjoys a good story with a message.

ISBN 9780982223215
144 pages

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