A Ben Candidi Mystery

by Dirk Wyle

This is the third in the Ben Candidi Mystery Series by biomedical scientist Dirk Wyle. From the back cover: When Rebecca said it was a great career opportunity, Ben had to agree. But with Rebecca in the middle of her training program, Ben's opportunity will mean separation for six months. Ben Candidi, Ph.D., leaves his physician soulmate in Washington DC and returns to Miami's Bryan Medical School to take over a dead scientist's laboratory and two-year grant. And when he is offered $20,000 to write the biography prescribed in eccentric Dr. Peter Peterson's will, Ben accepts that opportunity, too. Collecting humorous anecdotes about the talkative old bachelor and WW-II hero is simple, but making sense of his after-hours "crusades for science and reason" is much harder. Dr. Peterson made many enemies when he spoke out on public corruption, the right to die, abortion, animal experimentation, human cloning and meat irradiation. And how should Ben deal with rumors that Dr. Peterson had falsified his lab data on dietary supplements? Should Ben heed anonymous warnings to stop looking for substance in Dr. Peterson's "crusades"? Was last night's burglary just another random act of Miami violence? And what should he tell Rebecca, the next time she calls from Washington? Can he write off the poorly-documented crusades as the delusions of an attention-starved old man? Or was it something other than a heart attack that left Old Pete floating in the canal by Bryan Medical School?

ISBN 9781568250847
286 pages

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