Self-Leadership Secrets to Achieve Unlimited Wealth, Time Freedom, and Peace of Mind

by John Webster

Are you looking for the secret strategies and skills that will unlock your hidden power to succeed?

Then use this book as the starting point. Mastering Your Fate is a step-by-step game plan to be, do, and have everything you want in life through self-leadership and personal transformation.

Jam-packed with compelling stories and principles, Mastering Your Fate is a powerhouse twenty-one-step master plan that shows you how to become the person you want to be so you can have the life you want to have. Through thought-provoking quotes, inspirational stories, and specific success strategies, author John Webster will leave you aspiring to start (or improve) your business, make positive changes in your life, and become the person you dream of being.

In these pages, you will discover how to:

• Conquer your mindset to take charge of your destiny.
• Find solutions for dealing with fear and failure.
• Gain more time, money, freedom, health, love, and happiness.
• Harness the power of vision to realize your dreams.
• Transform your obstacles into opportunities.
• Become the leader others want to follow.
• Apply the secret to attaining lifelong happiness.
• Leave a lasting legacy for generations to come.

This book is not about starting a business or managing money, although it will help you achieve both. It’s about making successful life transformations, developing unshakeable confidence, improving existing relationships, and expanding your mindset to control your destiny and master your fate.

JOHN WEBSTER is a best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, and publishing, speaking, and marketing coach. John’s mission is to help people worldwide overcome their fears, turn failure into success, and attain more time, money, freedom, health, love, and happiness by teaching them how to master their fate. For more than thirty years, John has lived life on his own terms, enjoying his entrepreneurial life. Originally from Texas, he graduated from Utah State University and received his master’s degree at the University of Phoenix. He and his wife, Melissa, live in Arizona.

ISBN 9781636181936
362 pages

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