Based on a True Story

by Theresa J. Gonsalves

Imagine finding out that your brother has been molesting little boys for over twenty-five years. He takes them, hides them in the woods where he lives, and when he tires of them he discards them out on their own. Too ashamed to come forward the kids, who have come to love him, never reveal him as the monster he is. Do you remain silent?

When Theresa finds out such a thing about her brother Steven, she contacts Virginia Beach special victims unit only to find in view of the fact that she wasn't a victim, there wasn't anything she could do. When she wasn't able to stop him with the police, she decides to expose him to the world and at the same time try to figure out why! "Why does a serial killer kill?" she wondered. "Why does a child molester molest?"

While searching for answers she takes you back in time, through the life and into the mind of a child molester ? her brother ? The Man in the Woods!

ISBN 9780976234722
304 pages

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