by Charlotte Russell Johnson

After a family secret and conspiracy is revealed, the reader along with Ms. Johnson is forced to reevaluate everything they have previously known about the family. As the plot progresses, the layers of the conspiracy are subtly exposed revealing a depth of sin and deceit reminiscent of Nathaniel Hawthorne?s the Scarlet Letter. Will the family be able to weather this storm?

This book reveals a level of honesty infrequently seen in authorized biographies and memoirs. Ms. Johnson is able to bring to life the effects of substance abuse on the user and the entire family system. She is able to acknowledge her co-dependent behavior and its affects on her children. Although hopeful that the family will be able to overcome its past now that Mr. Johnson in clean and sober, she soon realizes that every action has a consequence. Can a man take fire into his bosom and not be burned?

ISBN 9780974189345
248 pages

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