by Melvin J. Gravely, II, Ph.D.

This book gives you the answers and the tools to move from being a good employee to succeeding as an entrepreneur. Making It Your Business: The Personal Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur is packed with practical ideas and examples that you can use immediately. If it is your business, then this is your book.

Buy this easy to read and easy to understand book and learn:
-The #1 reason for business failure and how to avoid it.
-Six different strategies to enter entrepreneurship and which is best for you.
-The "real" risk of entrepreneurship and how to limit it.
-The key differences in being an employee and being an entrepreneur.
-The three critical "thresholds" to building a long-term business
-How to deal with fear (and even procrastination) to get you started quickly.
-And much, much more!

ISBN 9780965619417
224 pages

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