by Mark Rubinstein

Roddy Dolan, a surgeon, and Danny Burns, an accountant, are being hunted as prey. Someone is after them?with lethal intentions?but they don't know who or why.

Whoever it is, and for whatever reason, they and their families are in the crosshairs of killers. Everything they know is unravelling. They must hide, send their families away, abandon their homes, and leave their lives behind.

The second book in the Mad Dog series, Mad Dog Justice is a harrowing tale of friendship, morality, betrayal, and dire consequences.

"Mad Dog Justice, a tale of friendship, morality, and consequences, is pure Mark Rubinstein. It's smart, it's sophisticated, and it's scary as hell."
?Scott Pratt, bestselling author of the Joe Dillard series

"Mad Dog Justice speeds along with more turns than a Vespa cruising through traffic. It's a smart, twisting thriller that grows into the weightier issues of friendship, vengeance, and betrayal."
?Andrew Gross, bestselling author of No Way Back and Everything to Lose

ISBN 9780985626808
328 pages

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