by Charlotte Fisher

Mackinac Bridge Jesus, a new book by Charlotte Fisher, is for anyone, anywhere who?s struggled with addiction, sexual orientation, mental health, nutty families, finding God, losing jobs, getting old, getting laid and generally living life on life?s terms. The book is a collection of twisted, tragic, comedic and tender biographical essays about healing, forgiveness, embalming your relatives, finding the perfect bra, drinking too much and praying too little. Each story is a naked and humorous look behind the curtain at what it means to be human. The stories are set in her home of state of Michigan, beginning with her childhood in the early ?60s through today. This book is not the Bible, not a 12-step study manual or a guide to ?coming out.? Nor does it seek to convert or convince. It?s just a story of how help comes to all us if we are open to receive it.

ISBN 9780984334735
220 pages

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