by Celeste Hayes
Illustrations by Christina Bishop

Many years have passed since siblings Sphinx and Trevi Monje, and bodyguard Marseille ventured to Ireland, as if something supernatural beckons them back to the great old lodge amongst the mystic mountains. Despite the memories of past dangers and the dream of the old warning reawakened, Trevi is back on the same country road to the lodge. The innate sense of danger is palpable in the air along with the risk of irresistible temptation, when Trevi and Sphinx meet the dashing new owner of the lodge and his lovely young sister. The new lodgekeepers tantalize Sphinx and Trevi, who soon succumb to their curiosity. Will they fall in love with these intriguing strangers, or will they decide that all of this is merely the work of a strange enchantment?

DUE 7/10

ISBN 9780978569556
250 pages

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