by Nancy O'Connor Ph. D.

Lottie Walker-Hastings?s life spanned 86 years from 1872 to 1956.During her life she saw monumental social changes. Horse and buggy?s were replaced cars traveling on freeways and jet airplanes. Fashions went from modest ankle length skirts to the 20?s flapper dresses to mini- skirts. She lived through two world wars and a few smaller ones. Church hymns morphed into radio then television. She raised six daughters and one son and outlived three of them. Born into a conservative Baptist family she was heartbroken to watch her husband and several of her children turn to alcohol to solve their problems, but she remained loyal to her childhood values to the end. Most of this story is true and based on extensive genealogy research. The author is her great-granddaughter.

ISBN 9780983064213
350 pages

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