5 Practical Steps for Leading Yourself and Others with Confidence, Courage, and Grace

by Toie Martin

What would your perfect life look like?

When a friend asked Toie Martin that question, it sent her for a tailspin. She had never considered it, but she was determined to find out. The result was an amazing journey that taught her how to change her life for the better. Now, in Living Your Life with Possibilities, Toie reveals the five steps she used to get her from where she was to the fulfilling life she always wanted. She encourages readers to be confident and courageous about creating the lives they want, and she offers practical ways to do so. She also acknowledges the many obstacles that stand in our way, chief of which is usually our own resistance, but only because we resist those things most important for us to do. In these pages, you ll learn the secrets for how to go from just living to thriving. Secrets that are really just doable actions, including how to: Create lasting and effective change Connect to yourself and the people you most value Become an authentic leader of yourself and others Develop self-awareness and self-management skills Manage your relationships in proactive and fulfilling ways Relieve stress and remove fear to find happiness
Use the Innovative Fundamentals approach to create change around you Live a life of possibilities beyond what you ever dreamed possible.

It's time to live your life on your own terms. You've always wanted to. Make today the day you begin!

ISBN 9781950241033
268 pages

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