by Lucas Hunt

Lives is a rich and lyrical collection of poems ? both a passionate and occasionally ironical account of life in a modern world of infinite possibility. Here is the full spectrum of the varied colors of human experience from the pleasantly erotic to the disturbingly violent. The poet breaks from contemporary forms of expression to confront reality and the beyond, and to communicate powerful truths about eternal situations.

Filled with vivid (and visceral) imagery of work, love, dreams, and death, these poems celebrate the phenomenal aspects of life while acknowledging the futility of our continual search for meaning. The need for ritual, reason, and intoxication all serve as (black) comic relief from the all-too-common experience of tragedy.

Hear this invocation from one of the new poets of our age:

Of origins beyond explanation,
ruled by laws unknown,
Come spirit of poetry, muse,
sing us something new!

ISBN 9780975571620
96 pages

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