Lessons in Healthy Living, Surviving Cancer and Recovering from Grief

by Pam Howell with Greg Blair

At some point in our lives, we are all touched by serious illness or the loss of a loved one. Everyone knows someone who has cancer, or is a cancer survivor. Kate Wilson - wife, mother, and successful advertising executive - was living the American dream until the day she learned she had advanced cancer.

Kate?s journey to recovery leads her to a small beach town on the coast of North Carolina where her grandparents live a remarkable life filled with love and endurance. Early in their marriage, a tragic personal loss and Kate?s grandmother Evie?s near-fatal bout with cancer helped them appreciate that life is fragile and each day is a gift. The secrets of the lifestyle that saved Evie, and the personal experiences shared by the people she meets will change Kate?s life forever. In one unforgettable week, she learns from other cancer survivors what everyone wants to know:

-How can I live a healthier lifestyle?
-What are the common traits of cancer survivors?
-How does my body kill cancer?
-What do I do when the chemotherapy/radiation therapy/treatment is over?
-How can I reduce my stress?

Life is Precious: Lessons in healthy living, surviving cancer and recovering from grief is a powerful tale of life, love, and losses, and the importance of making every day count. The emotions experienced by real cancer patients are beautifully portrayed by the characters in this heartwarming story. They will make you laugh and cry.

ISBN 9781597150163
165 pages

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