Finding Purpose and Embracing Hope Amid Life's Greatest Challenges

by Steven R. Edgley

?Experiencing challenges, being broken, and having to pick up the pieces of our lives is part of the human condition. Eventually, we learn how to fit those pieces back together so they make sense, we are stronger, and our faith becomes greater.

Steven Edgley knows about putting the pieces back together after experiencing a devastating life event. As a stroke survivor, he has written Life Between Two Gardens to record his amazing journey of survival, recovery, and faith in the Lord. His story of overcoming a stroke serves as a metaphor for overcoming whatever challenges we all face in life.

In these pages, you will find words of comfort and reassurance that a loving God is intimately aware of our individual circumstances and will provide tender support for our needs. Even though there may be hardship, strife, and even evil cast around us, and times of darkness when we cry out for a lantern to guide the way, we will eventually see that it is the Father?s love that built this stage called earth. We are actors on this stage, living life in the frame between two important gardens?the Garden of Eden which set the stage for our subsequent evolving purpose, hope, and joy in our Redeemer, which culminated in the Garden of Gethsemane.

On this stage we learn the lessons we most need to prepare us for the next aspect of our eternal lives. Steven Edgley invites you to share some of your stage time with him. You will come to marvel with him over how the Lord allows us to be strengthened in surprising ways, and you will ultimately be empowered to act and achieve in ways only you and the Lord can envision for your life.?

?Steven Edgley is an Associate Professor in the Division of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and the Director of Stroke Rehabilitation at the University of Utah. He survived a massive stroke at the age of twenty-eight. Today, he is involved with both the clinical aspects of stroke rehabilitation and with research on new techniques and methods to promote, facilitate, and improve life after a stroke. He and his wife Emi live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and are the parents of two daughters, Ella and Louisa. In his free time, Steven enjoys hiking, skiing, waterskiing, and cycling.?

ISBN 9781947937925
215 pages

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