Cracking the code of sustainable team performance

by Daniel B. Edds, MBA

A revolutionary approach to leadership that is being used by elite organizations to achieve and sustain maximum impact. By abandoning traditional “follow the leader” models of leadership, these elite organizations are generating extraordinary employee engagement, unparalleled customer value, and developing employees who are driving innovation. Dan Edds is recognized internationally for his research in leadership systems and provides in depth case studies, and personal interviews with key leaders from manufacturing, healthcare, education, and the US Military.

“This book is a gift for any leader who has been given the stewardship to lead, but doesn’t know how to approach it. A wonderful contribution to the leadership literature!”
— Timothy R. Clark, PhD, Author of The 4 Stages of Psychological Safety: Defining the Path to Inclusion and Innovation

Dan’s book ultimately serves as an inspiration combined with offering practical advice for leaders who want to create a high-performing organization.”
— Sarah Patterson, Executive Director, Virginia Mason Institute, Seattle, Washington

ISBN 9781890427405
233 pages

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