A New Consciousness for a New Age

by Phyllida Anam-Aire

Every one of us contributes to this world we live in but which we also find ourselves complaining about. Yet we can't go on pointing the finger at others - we are each of us responsible in some way for war and conflict, hate and anger and, ultimately for the breakdown of our society.

Now it's time to choose: are we ready for a radically new way of thinking, which will speed up our spiritual evolution, and take us far from the outdated model of guilt and sin? Because only in this way can we hope to be part of a change, in which the sacred laws of life can no longer be ignored.

With her radical philosophy and healing words Phyllida Anam-Aire challenges us to accept what we really are, nothing less than the embodiment of divine consciousness. The core of her message is as simple as it is profound: the true reality is love.

ISBN 9783850688819
250 pages

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