by Patty Mcguigan and Marian Lye
Illustrations by Rebekah Reif

From the authors of Leonardo and the Time Travelers comes a book that introduces the creative spirit of da Vinci to younger readers. Leonardo’s Magic Sketchbook introduces the wonder and curiosity of one of history’s greatest artist-inventors to young children—and invites them to nurture their own inner artist.

Kiera, Kate, and Nate learn the story of artist-inventor Leonardo da Vinci, who inspires them to create, build, draw, and play. They have the very best fun imagining Leonardo’s magic sketchbook, where he sketched out the ideas that became legendary inventions… and they make ingenious inventions of their own.

This book, which is written in rhyme form, is for every child who discovers a genius and says, “I can do that, too.” And they can.

ISBN 9798985652703
32 pages

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