How to Apply Emotional Intelligence-Keys to Great Leadership

by Reldan S. Nadler, Psy.D.

The book has over 100 tried and true strategies from years of Executive Coaching, emotional intelligence training and leadership development programs to raise EI. The tools and models are described simply using a methodology of "following the bouncing ball or paint by numbers," which are easy actions any leader can take. Leaders' Playbook has the following plays to develop winning seasons for you and your team.

1. EI profiles - Famous leaders demonstrating their EI competencies and Derailers (9):

-Rudy Giuliani,
-GE's CEO Jeffrey Immelt,
-Google's Co- Founder Sergey Brin,
-HP's X- CEO Carly Fiorina,
-USC's Head Coach Pete Carroll,
-Bill Clinton, Howard Dean,
-Condoleeza Rice

2. Star Secrets ? Four (4) interviews with Stars in Confidence, Teamwork, Developing Other and Communication ? what they do to be stars

-Famous car designer
-Head basketball coach
-Public Relations and Communications expert
-Corporate manager

3. Coach's Corner -10-24 strategies each in Confidence, Teamwork, Developing Other, Communication and Empathy from an Executive Coach with over 15 years experience, such as:

-Busting Perfection
-Success Log
-Snap Shot management TM
-Hiring Stars
-Motivation Skills matrix
-Giving Feedback
-Intention/Interpretation Gap TM
-Assumption Ladder and many more

4. Assessments: (7)

-EI Star Profile TM
-Derailer Detector TM
-Meeting Menace Checklist TM
-Meeting Checklist TM
-Teamwork Ingredients Survey TM
-Interview Rating Scale TM
-Intention/Interpretation Quotient TM

5. Team Activities ? Four (2) hour sessions with instructions and debriefing questions

-Performance and Accountability
-Team Expectations
-Team Assessment

6. 100 Leadership Check-in questions to start meetings

7. Resource Section ? with 20 EI related organizations

ISBN 9780975947746
342 pages

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