Selected Essays That Skewer the Golden Years

by Susan Goldfein

With credentials bestowed upon her by her last birthday, Susan is highly qualified to tarnish the golden years. And she does so with the usual wit and wisdom we have come to expect. Following on the heels of her first two award-winning books, How Old Am I in Dog Years and How to Complain When There’s Nothing to Complain About, this collection of hilarious essays comments on her personal, but highly relatable, journey through the decades.

With wit and candor, Susan discusses her left rotator cuff that no longer rotated, her horror at losing inches instead of pounds, the indignity of bathing suit shopping, and how wearing the wrong bra might have ruined her life. She writes a staunch defense for keeping aol as your email address, although she admits it’s a dead giveaway to letting the world know how old you are. Susan has become the hilarious new voice for “women of a certain age,” and reminds us how refreshing it is to step back and have a good laugh at our own expense.

ISBN 9781947708594
196 pages

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