by Ray Tempus

In his wildly hilarious book Last One Gone Turn The Lights Out, former Wall Street Broker Ray Tempus skewers the bait and switch culture of urban American society. With ribald humor, Tempus lays bare the seamy underbelly of pop culture that has taken over the USA and in doing so has become the expected norm. Tempus's colorful lexicon is mirrored in his well executed and hilarious illustrations. Mr. Tempus must be clairvoyant for many of the issues making front page news these daysin newspapers and on TV he covers such as Corporatization chapter 9, The Economy chapter 13 and Immigration... and Immigrants chapter 16. Readers of this page turner will want to share it with all their friends and enemies, for in his own words, "He'll be chasing Summer and painting beauties on the beach." Pick up a copy of this book and you will know why!

ISBN 9780977258727
124 pages

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