My Journey from Addiction to Recovery

by Julie E. Evans

Joy Road is a memoir by Julie Evans, a change-of-life baby who was born in 1956 and spent much of her Midwestern childhood nurturing her alcoholic mother and chronically ill father. Both parents died while she was still a teen. She takes readers on a tumultuous ride through the 1970s as she struggles to find herself, developing addictions to sex, drugs, alcohol and nicotine. In the end it?s her experiences as a wildlife rehabilitator, and the wise counsel of a country pastor that rescue her and usher her into a life of service. Julie?s compelling story is set in colorful locales, including Minneapolis, Phoenix, Key West, New Orleans, Seattle, San Francisco, New York City and finally, upstate New York. Peopled with a memorable cast of characters, her saga is by turns shocking, humorous and inspiring. Today Julie lives on Joy Road in Woodstock, New York with a loving husband. She?s a healed healer, a writer and a motivational speaker with a thriving massage practice.

Due Date: August 1, 2019

ISBN 9780967926896
276 pages

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