A Novel

by D.L. Dennis

While America was suffering from a great depression, there existed a sleepy, small Midwestern rural community called Calvary. Even with all of their struggles, the residents of Calvary were loyal to one another. They were proud of their community, and most of all, the Anderson Calvary Orphanage, which came into existence through unusual and tragic circumstances.

Shortly after the Orphanage opened, a basket was found at the front gate - a baby girl only a few weeks old was snuggled inside. No note of explanation, no name - nothing!

As the blankets were pulled aside, a sense of shock rippled through the staff members as they saw the baby's deformed foot. Would they keep her? There was no question. Of course, they would!

She was given the name "Jenny". This is a heartwarming story of Jenny's life in the Orphanage and her unusual friendship with a mysterious, old man named Christopher. You will fall in love with Jenny as she steals the hearts of all and the miracles that abound.

ISBN 9780990839316
181 pages

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